Why Donate to Swerve Robotics

Why Donate to Swerve Robotics?

Swerve Robotics is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

We are structured to promote teamwork, cooperation, and networking among teams. It is not uncommon to see engineers or students from one team working to program, repair and even enhance another team’s robot. These are opportunities for students to build soft-skills in communication and teamwork that employers seek in their potential employees. We believe if students are allowed to play with the pros, they will aspire to be like the pros. We hope you will support these exciting student programs that make science, technology, engineering and math as cool for kids as sports!

Why Your Company Would be a Good Partner:

  • The Swerve Robotics program focuses heavily on preparing the next generation of engineers.
  • We attract a significant audience of target market adults

In exchange for your support, your organization can be featured on print and electronic regional advertising and promoted at training and events throughout the season.

How Can My Company Participate with Swerve Robotics?

  1. Make a corporate sponsorship/donation. Your sponsorship/donation can go directly to a team or program that helps offset costs for teams. For more information on corporate sponsorship/donation please click here.
  2. Share your Swerve Robotics story! We invite you to partner with Swerve Robotics to feature a story about an employee or your companies involvement with Swerve Robotics.