FTC 6220 – Centripetal

6220 Centripetal: Rounding Up Innovation

About our Team
6220 Centripetal has been around as a team for 6 seasons now, but our longest-standing members of the team have been together for 3 seasons. This past season, we didn’t make it past Inter-leagues, and because of this had the opportunity to retrofit our robot with the REV Expansion Hubs that Swerve as a whole was beta-testing, then present it at the Houston Championships. With that experience in mind, we’re looking at this season as a chance to try to be more engaged in the FTC community: through helping teams with questions about the REV Hubs, continuing our clubs’ YouTube channel, talking to more teams outside our immediate area, and many other ways. We can be reached easily at 6220outreach@gmail.com or our Facebook page FTC Team 6220.

Our Robot
This is Mr. Fiddlybits going into our Interleague event. We use mecanum wheels to move forward and turn normally, with the added benefit of fine control while translating from side to side, so we can more easily line up to place a Glyph in the Cryptobox. Beyond the drive train, we use a reversible collector (dubbed “The Glyphter”) to suck in Glyphs from multiple angles, and spit them back out at a 45 degrees. We found putting the Glyphs in diagonally like this is quicker, and tends to create a more stable column. Currently, we’re implementing the ability to rotate the Glyphter 180 degrees so we can pick up 2 Glyphs sequentially, and have greater selection when scoring, making it easier to get a full Cipher. Currently, our Relic arm is in development, and won’t be mounted by State, but is 2 links connected by chain acting as a four-bar linkage, and ends in a grabber with no mechanization, a fully static end-piece to keep complexity down.

This past season, the senior from 8923 who did most of the work on the YouTube channel graduated, and in his place, a few of our members grabbed a camera, wrote a script, and got some students from the other teams to help out, and started making videos again. We’re trying to shift the focus of the channel from being purely software to encompassing topics such as hardware, and eventually outreach. This is the first hardware tutorial we did, and more videos can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZQb2RKh2hu89M9L2rUxhw/videos