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Space Elevator

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Swerve Robotics fielded a team in the “Anything Goes” category at ISEC‘s 2015 Robo Climb Competition, a junior level Space Elevator competition held this past weekend at ISEC’s Space Elevator Conference at Boeing‘s Museum of Flight.

To learn more about the competition, check out the 2015 Rules.

Following is a small photo gallery of our team’s participation. You can see all of our photos by visiting our Flickr Photostream.

New Site

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Welcome to Swerve Robotics’ new website!

We have completed moving all old content that we intend to move from our old site. We have added some new content here but you will notice a lot of mess with [Todo] statements scattered throughout. You will also notice pages with incomplete content. For example, our mentors page shows an incomplete list of mentors and the details on each mentor is also unfinished.

If you are a Swerve Robotics student or parent and want to lend a hand, please contact Darrell Ross at and we will put you right to work!