Get Over It

    • FIRST World FTC Championship, April 27-30
      Finalist for Inspire award – the highest award given in FTC
    • Idaho ROKS Championship Tournament, February 12, 2011
      Finalist Alliance & PTC Design Award
    • WA State FTC Championship, January 16, 2011
      Think Award
    • WA State FTC Regional Qualifier, December 12, 2010
      Finalist Alliance & Inspire Award winner
    • WA State FTC Regional Qualifier, December 5, 2010
      Winning Alliance & Connect Award
    • British Columbia Pilot FTC Tournament, November 27, 2010
      Winning Alliance & Rockwell Collins Innovate Award


        Hot Shot

        • FIRST World Championship, Atlanta, Georgia, April 15-17, 2010
        • Represented the states of Washington and Idaho
        • Idaho ROKS FTC Championship Tournament, February 13, 2010
          Winning Alliance & Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
        • Washington FTC Championship Tournament, December 13, 2009
          PTC Design Award


            Face Off

            In the 2008 – 2009 season, the program became an official FIRST program called FIRST Tech Challenge.  The team consisted of some veterans and mostly rookies who had joined the club. Students on the team were: Zach L., Andrew F. Jillian S., Sam D., Eric H., Michael W, and Han B., and Anders B.

            The team played well all season and won the PTC Design Award in the judged portion of the Washington FTC Championship Tournament and were on the Finalist Alliance in the game portion of the tournament.  They also won the Innovate Award and the Finalist Alliance at the British Columbia FTC Championship Tournament.

                2007 – 2008

                Exothermic Robotics Club - Captain Hook

                FTC Team 417 began as part of the Exothermic Robotics Club at Redmond High School during the pilot season of FIRST VEX Challenge. It was one of 3 teams in the club. The program was using VEX materials for building the robots.

                Team 417 – Captain Hook

                This team built “Captain Hook” a powerful, heavy robot designed to grab a movable goal with a claw, and then drag it around the field putting rings on the spike. Hook was a fierce competitor and did very well in the competition, making it into the semifinals with 575, taking the competition to three matches. Their alliance lost to an all-Canadian alliance.

                The members of this team were Saul R, Eric H, Cravixtha A, Evangeline J, and Rebecca J. Everyone on this team except Eric graduated in 2008. All went on to college.

                This team won the Innovate Award at the Bellevue FVC event. The “Innovate” award is presented to a team that has demonstrated a strong combination of ingenuity and innovation in designing their VEX robot. This award will typically recognize a specific innovative machine feature that the team designed as their solution to the complex problems presented by the VEX Robotics Competition game.

                (from www.exothermicrobotics.org)