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Booster Tees Available for a limited time

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Please consider supporting our teams as they head for Houston next month for the World Championships. We have TWO of our FTC teams competing there:  417 and 8923 have both “koala-fied” to participate. To help off set the cost of their travel (they are planning to take a youth robotics camp to Botswana, Africa next summer), we have started a Booster Campaign. You can donate to our club or purchase a shirt in the color of your favorite team – both will support the club.

Thank you!


Taking FIRST to the World!

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Please join us as we support the newest of Dean Kamen’s projects to save the world… FIRST Global . Our club has joined the Global STEM Corps , think technological peace corps, to support the rookie teams that are forming all around the globe as they learn about designing, building, programming and driving a robot while discovering how much fun can be had while changing the world!

UPDATE:  We are proud to announce that Botswana now has a FIRST Global team. To learn more about the program, check out their blog where new teams are introduced or sign up for their email newsletter.

Building a Testbed for FTC Robot Components

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With the initial goal of testing battery health, Swerve Robotics Club created a multi-component test bed that can be used for a variety of purposes including battery health testing, component isolation testing, and more. Sig Johnson, from team 8923 presented the findings at the World Championships 2016 in St. Louis. More detailed documentation of this project, including instructions for building a testbed, part numbers, and other findings not covered in the presentation will be available soon.