FTC 417 – S.K.I.D. (Space Koalas In Disguise)

Top row: Sam (left), Madeline, Danielle, Nicco, Curtis Bottom Row: Sonja (left) Slater, Daniel

Who is 417 SKID?

417 S.K.I.D is a team of high-school students who strive to become better engineers, better designers, better co-workers, and better people in general. As a community-based FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team, our team-mates come from a variety of backgrounds and educational paths, each bringing something different to the table. Together, we prioritize connecting to the community while pushing the engineering envelope. We aim to bring our koala goodness beyond the FTC competitions, whether that’s engaging with families from local communities, or working with others to spread the FIRST program. Exploring engineering skills and learning new techniques drives us forward everyday and we are constantly excited to bring our designs and  concepts to life. We like to think of ourselves as a big family, looking out for one another, working to create a friendly environment of growth. Our motto, “There is no comfort in growth, and no growth in comfort”, exemplifies our commitment to always challenge ourselves, and work together to reach new heights. We look forward to an incredible year, and thank you to all those who’ve worked tirelessly to give us this amazing opportunity.


Mission Statement

As a self-funded, community based team, Swerve 417 SKID, strives to provide the FTC experience to any interested student, regardless of school affiliations or prior experiences. It is also our goal to spread the ideologies and principles of FIRST, including Gracious Professionalism, whether through outreach events that we host and/or participate in, or the industry professionals we work with. To us, Gracious Professionalism stands for the together betterment of teams towards the highest levels of engineering skills in a friendly and helpful environment. We hope that through our various outreach events, our community of students and mentors, and our robot, we are able to demonstrate our enthusiasm, passion in engineering and gratitude to FIRST for FTC.

Our Three Pillars

  1. Engaging with local and international STEM and Non-STEM communities (spreading FIRST/STEM)
  2. Creating an innovative robot that performs reliably
  3. Team legacy: Building a bright team future

Meet Kareem

Team Achievements


Pasteur Interleague – Control Award Nominee, Motivate Award Nominee, PTC Design Award Nominee, Inspire Award Winner


Washington State Championships – Connect Award Nominee, Inspire Award Winner

20170219_175358British Columbia Championships – Inspire Award Winner (World Championships Qualifier)

#OMGRobots!! Find Us At:

Twitter – FTC417
Instagram – FTC417

Thank you to our sponsors: Boeing, Brickcon, Danterry Inc., SolidCAM, SolidWorks, Lake Washington Insititute of Technology, SPEEA

While in Oakland, the teams decided to thank those who have given so much to allow them to participate in FTC

While in Oakland, the teams decided to thank those who have given so much to allow them to participate in FTC (2015-16)