Coaching or mentoring a Swerve Robotics team makes you part of a community of amazing volunteers. Your time, your wisdom and your commitment will have a direct impact on the students you work with and the community you will be a part of.

All coaches and mentors:

  • Meet with teams regularly
  • Provide as much, or as little, time as your schedule permits
  • Help your team succeed by encouraging, guiding, and supporting your students
  • Build excitement for science, technology, engineering and math through the programs

Coaches are specific to a team and mentors work across multiple teams.

We have three different programs that coaches and mentors can work across:

FLL Jr. – 6 – 10 years old – Students research a themed topic for the season and build a model to demonstrate the information that they have learned.

FLL – 9 – 14 years old – Students research a themed topic for the season and build a robot using a LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit to compete in a robotics game.

FTC – 14 – 18 years old – Students design and build a custom robot to compete in a robotics game.

Interested in getting involved? We would be happy to work with you to find a way for you to contribute. Let us know you are interested by clicking here.