Coaching or mentoring a Swerve Robotics team makes you part of a community of amazing volunteers. Your time, your wisdom and your commitment will have a direct impact on the students you work with and the community you will be a part of.

All coaches and mentors:

  • Meet with teams regularly
  • Provide as much, or as little, time as your schedule permits
  • Help your team succeed by encouraging, guiding, and supporting your students
  • Build excitement for science, technology, engineering and math through the programs

Coaches are specific to a team and mentors work across multiple teams. Additionally, coaches primary focus is youth development whereas mentors are focused on sharing technical or skills based knowledge with the students.

We have three different programs that coaches and mentors can work across:

FLL Explore – 6 – 10 years old – Students research a themed topic for the season and build a model that moves to demonstrate the information that they have learned.

  • Primary focus: How to work on a team, basic mechanics, and some programming basics.
  • Timeframe: either Autumn or Spring for about 6 – 8 weeks with about 1 hour per week meetings

FLL Challenge – 9 – 14 years old – Students research a themed topic for the season and build a robot using a LEGO Mindstorms (either EV3 Education or Spike Prime) kit to compete in a robotics game.

  • Primary Focus: Learn more advanced mechanical, and programming skills, further strengthen teamwork and focus on Core Values
  • Timeframe: Autumn into early Spring (typically). Teams meet regularly for about 4 – 6 hours per week

FTC – 14 – 18 years old – Students design and build a custom robot to compete in a robotics game.

  • Primary focus: Documentation of engineering process, CAD, Java programming, and outreach to the community
  • Timeframe: Autumn (early Sept) – late spring (late April). Teams typically meet 8 hours per week.

Interested in getting involved? We would be happy to work with you to find a way for you to contribute. Let us know you are interested by clicking here.