We have several robotics teams at Swerve Robotics. Listed below with short descriptions are our most active teams.

FTC 417 S.K.I.D

Since its inception in the 2007 season as part of Exothermic Robotics Club, when FTC was called FIRST VEX Challenge, team 417 has been an award winning team. It has represented WA at the World Championships multiple times and has even traveled overseas to participate in events. In the 2010-11 season, 417 was a runner up for the Inspire Award, the highest award given to teams in FTC, at the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championships in St. Louis. Because FTC 417 is the original team in the Swerve Robotics Club family, it is known as Swerve Alpha, a name chosen by the students in 2012-13. Recently, in 2014-15, 417 chose to go by a new name: S.K.I.D.
Visit S.K.I.D’s page.

FTC 6220 Centripetal

After a year of having a HUGE team, we decided that it would be better to have two smaller teams.  In the beginning of the 2012-13 season, we formed 6220 and gave the students the opportunity to name their team and pick their theme color.  As a result, they chose Swerve Sigma as their name as a nod to the “sum of many parts” and then, with the push from the lone female student, they chose Hot Pink as their team color.  In the first year of its existence, the team qualified to compete at the FTC World Championships in St. Louis.  Both of our FTC teams were included in the trip and everyone had a great time!
Visit Centripetal’s page.

FTC 8923 Perpetual Velocity

At the start of the 2014-2015 FTC season, a brand new team was formed in the Swerve Robotics club due to an influx of students. 8923, Perpetual Velocity, had many challenges to face, but did amazing in their first year, winning three awards. The team created a motto, “Always Moving Forward”, showing that the team will keep learning and doing new things, despite any challenges.
Visit Perpetual Velocity’s page.

Other Teams

In addition to our very active teams, we have several FIRST LEGO League teams whose activity varies from year to year:

  • FLL Cybergnomes
  • FLL Rocket Bots
  • FLL Brickstorm Troopers
  • FLL Cyber Storm

Outside FIRST

Swerve also fields teams of students to work on some competitions outside of FIRST: