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Swerve Robotics is a group of youths and adults, staff and volunteers, families and community members who believe all young people should have the opportunity to discover rewarding career pathways, reach their fullest potential, and one day find the innovative solutions to the world’s grand challenges. They have been doing this since 2006 by promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through FIRST Robotics programs to youth in the Northshore community (Bothell, Woodinville & Kenmore) in Washington state.

FIRST builds 21st century workforce skills such as; communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, teamwork, presentation, time management and documentation; all within the fun and competitive atmosphere of building robots. Students graduating from this program are significantly more likely to attend college, and twice as likely to major in science and engineering.

For over 15 years, Swerve Robotics teams have had great success in the FIRST LEGO League Explore (formerly FLL Jr., now FLLE), FIRST LEGO League Challenge (FLLC) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) competitions. The FTC teams have competed at the World Championships 8 times throughout their 10 years of competition. Nearly 100 elementary through high school students have participated in Swerve Robotics, some of them participating for as many as six years. Swerve Robotics has had a significant impact in helping these students pursue future careers in Science and Technology.

Swerve Robotics founder, mentors, and coaches work tirelessly year-round and are truly committed to this organization and its mission.

Swerve Robotics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in Washington state. The nonprofit status has significantly increased the organization’s ability to expand operations, solicit and secure funding, and serve more students. Additionally, it has helped the organization increase its impact on their students and community. The Swerve Robotics Board of Directors, Founders, Coaches and Mentors look forward to serving more students’ lives for the better. Thank you for your interest in Swerve Robotics.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Swerve Robotics promotes lifelong intellectual, creative and personal growth opportunities to young people by offering fun and exciting team-based programs that empower students to tackle and solve real-world problems.

The programs assist youth and volunteer staff, through informal education, to acquire knowledge and develop life skills and values that enable them to become increasingly self-directing, productive, contributing citizens. Our youths participate in robotics competitions such as FIRST LEGO League Explore,  FIRST LEGO League Challenge, and FIRST Tech Challenge, where they have opportunities to have fun while developing 21st century skills that employers are looking for such as problem solving, conflict resolution, persistence, time management and communication.

Our Vision:

Swerve Robotics envisions and supports science and technology leadership and innovation in people from all nations in order to increase understanding, impress  the importance of cooperation, address the world’s most pressing issues, and improve quality of life for all.

Swerve Robotics is working with teams locally and across the globe through online communication and group travel. By showing people that if they learn how to communicate, cooperate, and work together using the tools of science and engineering to find solutions to the world’s grand challenges – water, energy, security, medicine, food, and education – they will learn how to work with each other, trust each other, and help contribute to the success of the global community.