While 2020 was a difficult year with having to determine how best to navigate the Swerve Robotics program through a pandemic and all the challenges that it presented, one thing stood out as an inspiration – YOU. The level of participation, dedication and support that has been demonstrated to this organization throughout the year by our kids, parents, donors and community has been, and continues to be, truly amazing!

Your support to the Swerve Robotics organization led to our ability to accomplish much in the past year, despite the challenges.

Operationally Speaking

We were able to implement several operational improvements throughout the year. First, we reacted quickly to put several COVID-19 processes in place throughout our programs to ensure the safety of our kids, mentors, coaches and community. Next, we also took measures to boost our FLL program by adding a new FLL coordinator to the board, as well as opening the Tesco Controls FLL Build Zone, which is a new donated space that has allowed us to have a central location for our youngest participants to meet outside of a team member’s home. Finally, we spent some time streamlining the registration process resulting in decreasing the number of hours needed to spend registering students.

Busy Board

The Board met regularly…and virtually…throughout the year to make improvements for your organization. Here are a few of the highlights we are proud to share. We added three new Board members, Sara Jones, Sameepa Saini and Stewart Wainaina…approved five new policies…held a financial meeting for parents providing a financial overview of Swerve Robotics…established greater transparency and control to operating funds by implementing restricted funds line item in financials…implemented volunteer background checks…removed the guarantor from the bank to become fully independent financially…and redesigned the Swerve Robotics website.

Your Donations

Due to the generosity of all of you who donated dollars and hours to the Swerve Robotics organization to help us build and maintain the robots and provide new opportunities for the students including public speaking, giving to the community, manufacturing and software development, we are truly thankful. Members and staff have volunteered more than 1,700 hours in 2020, and the organization has received $11,546 in total donations. Thank you to our many generous corporate sponsors including Boeing, Microsoft, Briotech, Tesco Controls NW, Rev Robotics and Aerojet Rocketdyne for donating funds which amounted to $14,380.